About My Products

In early 2015, just for fun, I began working on a design that would reflect my neighborhood – The Houston Heights. Inspired by the tile curb street sign I see every day on my street, I started the design and as always I never have just one idea –Β The Heights Design CollectionΒ was born! What started with an idea to just make t-shirts, evolved into a product line that was finally ready to launch in early 2017.

Since then I’ve expanded with additional designs that represent Houston and Texas. Be sure to sign up for my email list and follow me on social media for all the latest news about new designs and products, special offers, sales and events.

Products are available retail, wholesale and corporate/business pricing. Unisex t-shirts are available to co-brand with a company, organization or event name/logo. Your clients and prospects will appreciate a quality t-shirt designed by a local artist! It’s something they will likely wear again and again, keeping you front of mind each time.Β Please contact me for more information.

My hope and goal is that whoever purchases or receives one of my products will find a little happiness and enjoyment when using them and know that the art and design was created with love!Β 


A little about my background . . .

I’ve spent my life surrounded by art, developing various skills and acquiring knowledge through a life-time of exposure, experiences and education. My most valued and priceless education has come from my father who is an award winning artist, teacher, lecturer and juror – A. J. Schexnayder. He has unmistakably influenced the way I approach design. While growing up lessons were both formal and informal. Viewing art was always more than appreciating the piece – it was evaluating the style, subject, composition, movement, shapes, color, values, etc., with a goal of understanding the artist’s intended message and thoughts.

I was a graphic design major in college and have taken a number of art lessons over the years including painting, drawing, dance, writing, and jewelry just to name a few. I’ve been a freelance designer since 1988 creating custom graphic art and have been honored to have helped many businesses create and build their brand.

I love creating designs that others feel a connection to. Typically, the subjects of my designs are ones that hold a special meaning for me.